Mobile Phone Repair / Sales Software

Enhanced Dashboard
General Setting
Client/User Management
Repair Parts, Used Phones, Accessories, Plans,
Count/Transfer Stock Purchases
Accounting Management
Taxes, Models, Cateroies, Etc.
HRM, Time Clock, Payroll
Notifications, MEID converter, Emailer,
Activity, Category, Warranty, Plan Reports,
Export to XLS & PDF, lots standard reports
Enhanced Pint of Sales Module (POS)

Solution 01
Online system
Advantages: Can you log from anywhere, can use any device, can manage from anywhere, can use any amount of PC, can use multiple stores and, multiple businesses what you need. SMS system facility to send clients (a bill, birthday wishes, promotions, discount, etc.
Setup Fees Rs. 10,000/- (one-time payment)
Server charges 2,450/- p/m
Solution 02
Desktop system
We installing to one machine, every extra system can get a 25% discount
Setup Fees Rs. 25,000/- (one-time payment)
Server charges 5,000/- yearly